Thursday, April 1, 2010

We've added to our flock

We have temporarily added to our little family for the week. My 10 yr old niece came down from Seattle with the intent to learn how to sew. I just happen to be able to teach her:)

Around Christmas time, my SIL and I put our heads together and came up with a plan that blossomed into a win-win for everyone! Ana is down here for the week, spending time with us and having daily sewing lessons and projects and her older brother is across town with the Lafayette Lees. We get blessed by their amazing personalities and their momma can enjoy 2 less kids in her full household for the week. Like I said, Win-Win!

My kiddos are thrilled to have cousin Ana around, and she is very willing to play, read, and play some more until they all drop from exhaustion. Not only does my SIL get a break, but I do as well! Having an older kid around is awesome!! I do have to occasionally feed her though, so there is a bit a work involved:)

She arrived brimming with energy and enthusiasm on Tuesday afternoon. That evening, we braved the rain and wind, in order to spend an hour at the fabric store. Ahhh, heaven:) With material and ideas in hand, we were ready for our week of sewing.

Her first project was a simple rectangular pillow for her bed. She chose a super soft and fuzzy fabric in green and blue and we were set. She's now a pro at threading a sewing machine and can now sew a somewhat straight line:) With minimal hiccups, her pillow was ready to fill and finish.

While Ana and I were sewing, Gav was entertaining himself...playing with my washing machine. I'm not sure what the fascination is about those machines, but they draw my children like the pied piper:)

There was much rejoicing when the pillow was completed followed by numerous comfort tests.

There was horse riding, game playing, and giggling as well.

As I was making dinner, I took a quick minute to check on the youngsters and found this...Lovey was joining the fun too. Oh boy, does anyone else get a tick in their eye while looking as this picture? Is it just me?

He made is safely back to his home and all was well in the Riddle house as the children slept in their warms beds and dreamed happy dreams:) Now for today...

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