Monday, April 26, 2010

My Young Friend Singer

Kyla has been taking part in a singing group, Young Friend Singers, for the last couple of months and we were able to enjoy the fruits of her labor yesterday afternoon as they performed during Vespers at FriendsView Manor in Newberg. Her cousins, Hannah and Meira, are also in the group, and are the big draw for Kyla to take part:)

She did some singing...
(There have been times when she didn't:) )
She did some hand motions! (Progress Here!)
And she even smiled some...

She made some funny faces...
And so did Gavin
She even pulled up her dress a couple of times...
(this is a long formed habit that dates back to her first preschool performance,
oh the embarrassment!)
The rest of us just watched, sang along, and enjoyed the show.
Now, for your enjoyment. Drum Roll........
Presenting Young Friend Singers!


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