Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Coordinating Cooking

I was recently asked to make aprons for a Grandparent's gift basket that is up for bidding at a local Mother's Day Tea on...You got it, Mother's Day weekend:) I was given the fabric and given my requirements; one adult apron, and two kiddo aprons and left to create on my own. I love this kind of project! No $$ draining out of my pocket book, but full license to create:)

I designed and made a half apron for the lucky grandma. She'll match her little treasures ( I'm meaning grandchildren here) and feel a bit like a queen with the bright colors and pretty ruffles.

I pictured the green going to a little boy, and everyone knows that boys need pockets! Lots and lots of pockets! I can only image all the treasures that will find there way into this apron. The adjustable strap will come in handy for the inevitable growth spurts.

Now this little apron is for the little gal that wants to be just like grandma. A little bit of ruffle, a bunch of coverage to protect her pretty dress, and an adjustable strap to keep it usable over the years.

Ah, lovely, coordinating kitchen attire. That's my kind of project:) Now that I'm done with someone else's matching aprons, maybe I'll just whip up some of my own. I'm sure that I need another apron, the five that I have hanging in the kitchen right now surely need a rest. I'm starting another project for the good of my other aprons, I swear!

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