Friday, November 4, 2011

Here's a glimpse

I didn't have my camera until late Wednesday night once we'd been admitted at Doernbecher's Children's Hospital so I didn't get any pics of the ambulance ride or the ERs. Gavin was pain free by this time, just tired and still lethargic. Here is a glimpse of our wild two day adventure.

Playing with the legos that Grandma Lynne brought him

 Checking vitals, again and again and again

A bacon mustache:) He was feeling pretty good by this time and had a full breakfast.

The nurses said we needed to walk a bit and get his legs working again. We also needed his bowels to do there thing so a walking we went.

Once he was finally discharged, we found the tram and rode it down, something that we've been wanting to do for a while now.

 To home again, home again, Jiggity Jig:) 

We feel so blessed by all the prayer and support for Gavin. We had fabulous care at both hospitals and praise Jesus that he was healed! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

We are Free!

Wahoo! We are good to go home. All the prayers have worked! Gav's body healed and no surgery is needed! (At least at this time he he) We are now waiting for our discharge papers. Had a great talk with the Surgeon and feel like we have some good working knowledge to prepare us if this were to happen again. To celebrate, Gav and I are going to ride the tram:) Continued prayers for a calm tummy and a bowel movement:) Hurray, the Riddles are on their way home! By free I mean that we are free to go...not that the whole experience ist free mind you, that bill will be a fun piece of mail to open:) I'm sure that you'll hear my gasp of astonishment from where ever you happen to be:)

We have movement

Gav is up and walking around the hospital. We took a little trip to the sky bridge over in the VA hospital and watched the tram. We've been told that discharge is somewhere on the horizon today as long as his stomach doesn't rebel or pain flairs up again. We have a list of questions for the Doctors that we'd like answered before we go so they are hunting someone down for us. That may be harder than it sounds here:) Gavin had a full breakfast (eggs and bacon and muffin) early this morning and now he's having some cereal. Ahhhh, my eating machine is back:) His abdomen is gurgling in the right places so it looks like life may be getting back to normal here. Praise the Lord!

Some News

A group of surgeons just came in and pressed and massaged Gav's belly and decreed that if has no more vomiting and no more pain, we may be able to go home today! He get's breakfast as soon as we order it and he's pretty excited about it:) We are all up now and getting set for our day.

Caution-Curve ahead!

Unfortunately, we didn't get that caution sign this week, just the big curve that threw our life a bit off balance.

This past Saturday, Gavin started complaining about stomach pain. Knowing that the flu was rampant all around us, I marked it to the flu and prepared for the vomit and other fun stuff that I heard was going around. After a couple times of isolated stomach pain that day, we all went to bed for a good night's rest. Gav woke me up at 3:30 in the morning covered in vomit wanting to snuggle. After we got him all cleaned up and cleaned his bed, we made a nest for him in our room preparing for a flu battle. But we didn't get it. He had several different times during that Sunday where he complained of stomach pain, but no more throwing up and it didn't stop him from playing in the least. That went on until Monday night. All Tuesday he was pain free. At dinner time (as in we were all sitting at the table eating) his face got white and he started saying "my tummy hurts," and before he could finish his sentence, he had vomited...while we were eating dinner...on the table...on the food. EEEK! We got him cleaned up, no one really ate much after that show of stomach muscle strength, and got him ready for bed, again expecting a night of flu craziness. He slept in his rebuilt nest in our room again and slept well until a little before 6:30...Then the crazy began.

He started dry heaving and curled up in a ball writhing about. Then the screaming started. If you know Gavin, you know that he has a very high pain tolerance. A couple of years ago when he received 1st and 2nd degree burns, there wasn't even a whimper from our brave boy. This was not the case yesterday morning. He was screaming in agony and I was scared to death. Chad had left earlier that morning to chauffeur his dad to the airport and Kyla awoke to the screaming and worriedly stumbled into my room as I tried to comfort Gavin. I got him downstairs so I could get the advice nurses number and tried to keep him as calm as I could. It was hard to focus on what needed to be done as he wouldn't/couldn't stay still and continued to alternate between moaning and screaming. I got Kyla to the bus and talked with two different advice nurses and decided that what we were dealing with was far past the flu. Both of the kids have had the flu...many times. I know what it looks like, this was not it.

With fears of appendicitis floating in my head, I bundled his now sleeping body into the car and headed to the ER in Newberg. Chad met us there as we were being checked in. At that point, Gav was all smiles and saying that nothing hurt. Geeze kid, can't you at least act sick now that we've gotten to the ER:) We talked with nurses and then with the Doctor and a CT scan was ordered. After drinking some vile stuff and letting that sit in his system for a bit, we all tromped down to the CT room. Gav was such a brave boy and held still as they slid his tiny little body through the doughnut over and over again while Chad and I were able to see the scans (amazing stuff!). After more waiting, the doc came back and started using huge scary words and ended with asking our preference of St. V's or Doernbechers hospital. What?? I was sure at this point they were just going to come and in and tell me that I had totally overreacted and that it was just the flu.The "Crazy, high strung mother syndrome."

The CT scan showed that Gavin is dealing with intussusception, where the intestine telescopes back into itself. The Newberg hospital felt that he would get better care at Doernbecher's so off we went via ambulance to the children's hospital on the hill. Gav was enthralled with the ride and then feel asleep half way there:) The ambulance crew was amazing and kept Gav safe and comfortable.

We arrived at Doernbecher's and were hustled into the children's ER and started the process again of telling everyone and their assistant what has happened the past 5 days. We talked with doctors, nurses and surgeons. The CT scan showed that he has four separate spots of intussesception in his small intestine. According to the ped doctors, it's not usual for kids his age to get this, it usually happens in infants up to one year but has been reported in kids up to five. It is rare to find it in the small intestine. Now as a parent I do want my children to shine and to be perceived as extra special to everyone they meet, but this was not what I was going for:)

We were admitted around 6:30 and the doctors finally let Gavin eat something. He hadn't eaten in nearly 24 hours and if you know my boy, that it not the normal protocol. He eats a lot...all of the time. He's the kid that needs a full meal every two or three hours and this wait was killing him. He hadn't had any more pain since we had arrived at the hospital and had answered every question and suffered through pokes and squeezes and cold hands and big machines and not once did he mutter a complaint. But by 7, he had had enough. He started crying and wanted to go home. He even said we could go home and eat and then come back. I finally asked him why he wanted to go home and he tearfully replied that he wanted to eat the left over pizza that we had saved for him...the very same pizza that he had projectile vomited the night before:) Then Grandma Lynne saved the day!

She arrived with a bag of legos that were specifically picked out for Gavin by the Lego store man once he heard what was going on. Hurray for Legos! They kept him occupied and happy as we waited and then were wheeled across this huge city that they call a hospital. They kept him busy until his dinner arrived and as he sleepily visited with Grandma Trina.  Once they were back in the bag, he snuggled up and went to sleep for the night.

At this point we aren't sure what the next step is. Since the problem is in the small intestine, surgery is the only option if his body doesn't fix itself which can sometimes happen in this situation. The staff here is not familiar with it happening in the small intestine so they are consulting and discussing and evaluating as I type:)

For now, we wait. And we pray. They took blood already this morning and he's been able to urinate since last night. He's been on IV fluids since yesterday morning and was looking a tad like the marshmallow man with all that fluid being pumped in and none of it leaving. I'd love to post pictures of our adventbraveryure but though I remembered to have the camera thrown in our care package that was delivered last night, I forgot the cord to download with. Along with my cell phone charger. We do have Chad's though:) I will be leaving updates on facebook and here as well so keep checking if you are interested in this newest road trip that we are on:)

I ask for prayers. For Gavin's peace of mind, for his comfort. For the doctors and surgeons and nurses who are working with Gav, that they have steady hands and clear thinking. For Chad and I, for calmness and strength, for bravery and dry eyes in front of our brave boy. For Kyla, for comfort and calmness and for very little upheaval.

Thank you to all that have been praying and that continue to do so. Thanks for lending a hand or a home as all this is happening.

Praise the Lord that he is pain free right now and that my mom instincts were on target and that I didn't suffer from that dreaded "crazy, high strung mother syndrome.:)