Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tea Anyone?

Kyla and I were asked to go to tea this weekend with my snl and her lovely little ladies. Kyla and I dressed up in our finest and took a minute to get our pictures taken, these times are going by so fast, I have to capture them.

The tea house was in Newberg and we were graciously welcomed into the Beatrix Potter themed dining room. The five of us were surrounded by peter rabbit and all his cohorts as we nibbled on deviled eggs, curried rice balls, mini sandwiches and currant rolls with pats of butter shaped like flower cameos. There were even miniature jellied bunnies:) We finished our meal with carrot cake, cookies, and bird nests with jelly beans. Oh and we had tea of course:)

Aren't we lovely now?:)

Thanks Lafayette Lees for a grand adventure!

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