Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Truth About Me

Here it is, for all the world to see (well, all of those in this big old world that read this blog, so maybe not that many people really), the truth about me. I'm a procrastinator that likes to plan. Did you get that? Yep, if that doesn't shout contradiction I'm not sure what does:) I love to plan, it's part of my genetic makeup, my need for control. Unfortunately, I seem to leave all the things planned to the last minute:)

For example...A couple times a year, a bunch of my lady friends and I pack up all our scrapbooking gear and trek to the Oregon Coast for a weekend full of scrapbooking, food, and fun. I've known about this upcoming trip for at least a month and a half, maybe even longer. I don't have my pictures to scrapbook printed yet, let alone picked out. I'm not packed, and that includes my clothing, my mountain of scrapbooking supplies, or the food that I'm to bring. We leave tomorrow. Sighhhhhh.

You know what I did instead of prepping for this long awaited trip? I sewed, I re-covered a couple of dining room chairs, and I made curtains. Now that's going to help me scrapbook all right:) To be fair, the curtains have been on the docket since Christmas time so it really was about time I got around to it:)One of the ladies that I scrapbook with has a beach house, a big, new, beautiful beach house that she is graciously allowing us to take over for a long weekend come Thursday night. As a thank you kind of gift, I whipped up a retro style apron for the fabulous cook to wear in her new and beautiful kitchen.

Does this say beach house to you?
Next on my procrastination sewing binge list was a pair of comfy pajama pants. In truth, a comfy pair of pants is vital to a pleasing scrapbook. You must be comfortable in warm, soft, stretchy pants in order for the true creative process to emerge. Yep, I needed them:) The bonus here is that they are made out of a knit sheet set I snatched up at goodwill this week. Saving the environment and making better scrapbooks, that's what these pants are all about. (snicker, snicker)

Now, before all this extra stuff, I started my living room curtains. This past November, we had new windows installed and I couldn't bear to put up my old, boring curtains to cover their beauty. I've planned, made choices, changed those choices, saved for and finally placed the order on the perfect fabric for my living room. In all this planning, I just assumed that I had enough fabric to do the lining. I didn't actually go and measure. Much to my dismay as my mom and I started sewing last Friday, we didn't have enough lining:) Luckily, in my first hunt through Goodwill this week, I found a white sheet set that will work perfectly. Needless to say, my curtains are not finished, but one set is hanging and the rest are waiting on a large chunk of free time. Here's a sneak peak.

In the process of the special ordering of fabric, there was a mix up and they ended up giving me some extra fabric to cover up a mistake that they had made. That mistake just happens to be enough upholstery fabric to re-cover my dining room chairs! We were giving this set a couple of years ago now and I've been meaning to recover the chairs when I had the time and extra money. So as it stands now, two chairs are re-upholstered and waiting to be screwed back together, with four more chairs in the wings waiting for their chance of a lovely makeover:)

And now, instead of plunging into that huge folder of digital files to pick the perfect ones to scrapbook, I'm blogging. Just one more piece of evidence towards my conviction of world's best (or worst) procrastinator. And now you know the truth about me.

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