Thursday, April 8, 2010

We've got it together

Last night, Chad and I gave our Financial Peace testimony to the 100+ members taking the class at our church. We are celebrating! On April 1, 2010, we paid off our last debt (not including the house)! We are revolving debt free! We've saved, penny pinched, done without, and sweated for the last two years climbing out of the huge whole that we created for ourselves. I can't describe the peace and joy that came by making that last payment. Our life is ours again! We are slave to no one.

After our talk, we had a couple come up to us and tell us that we had it all together. I just smiled and thought to myself, "oh how little they know."

Today just proved that looks can be deceiving in the "got it together" realm. The moon has shifted away from the earth or maybe the gravitational pull in Lafayette has been tweaked. I have proof! I have a potty trained little boy peeing on my floor, not once, but twice this morning! All is not right with our world! During one of the incidents, he just sat in his pee to finish the book he was looking at. What???? Who does that? What book is good enough to sit in your own pee for?

One accident every once in a while is just normal life, it happens. Three in a row, things must change! He's back to being naked in the playing on the carpet or having clothes on after I've washed two loads of laundry this morning due to his loss of bladder control. And boy, is he not happy about this. I mean, the tantrum throwing and whining constantly kind of mad. The intensity and duration of this madness has been directly proportional to his time spent with his little nose in the corner....naked:) When I'm not pulling my hair out in frustration or hiding my head under a pillow, I can't stop giggling.

So, to those of you who have mistakenly assumed that we've "got it all together," I must honestly admit that, thought we wish it were true, life happens regularly here and there is pee on my floor and a pouting naked little guy stuck in the kitchen once again. Maybe we'll get it together next week:)


This is what happens when you run upstairs to put laundry away and your naked boy is stuck in the kitchen with very few toys. He'll find something to do...

Holy Smokes!

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Chad J Riddle said...

Uncle Todd would be so proud of Gavin's climbing abilities!