Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mt. Grandpa

On Easter Sunday, my parents came over and we shared a quiet lunch, a not so quiet egg hunt and then just visited. It was so nice! After the not so quiet hunting, we were visiting in the living room and Gav decided that he was done talking. He decided this quickly and stealthily. There he was, sitting on the floor playing with a truck and in the blink of an eye, he's climbing up my dad. Yes, climbing up... It could have had something to do with the chocolate lego he'd just ingested, I'm sure it had a bit of sugar mixed in with all that yummy goodness and blue food dye.

My dad, wild grandpa that he is, took to this new segment of entertainment with giddy abandonment. He LOVES to wrestle and rough house. It maybe the mountain man in him, check out his beard:) Kyla took one look at what was happening and gladly jumped into the fray, fueled by the bit of candy she had treated herself too.

Then they finished this all up with a nice, safe game of log rolling. Sighhhhhh.

I hope that your Easter was filled with peace, and not too much wrestling:)

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