Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Check out our Jack-o-Lantern

I know, I know, it's not harvest time and I'm not going to find a pumpkin to carve. But lucky us, we have our very own Jack-o-Lantern year round:) Kyla has lost another tooth and her smile makes us all giggle and think of fall:)

We tugged that tooth out Sunday afternoon after several days of frustrated wiggling, pulling, and twisting (ew!). Kyla is not one to let it just fall out naturally, oh no, Mama the amazing tooth puller must make an appearance and yank it out.

I know that all kids go through this stage, both Chad and I obviously survived it, but my goodness, how is she going to eat? This kid has no front teeth left! I guess I had better run out and grab more yogurt and cottage cheese for our toothless wonder:)

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