Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Part II

On Friday we piled into the car and headed North to spend the weekend with Chad's side of the family. We always have a grand time together, all eight kids and 8 plus adults. Added into the fun was Tamarah's brother and s-n-l with their two kiddos. There was one adult to each kid - not a bad ratio:) I was blessed and didn't have to be in charge of any food (except the coveted pickled eggs) and just had KP duty. After cooking SO much for Thursday's meal, this was such a relief! The girls went furniture shopping, grocery shopping, went for long strolls, watched the new Star Trek while the boys played video games, board games, and even a game with mouse roll play (I'm serious!). The kids played until they literally fell into tangled piles of sleeping children and the adults heaved huge sighs of relief. The amount of chaos and noise from that size group is unimaginable and quite rousing:)

My niece, Ana, did my hair (she loves to do hair and I love to have my hair played with - it makes us a good team) while everyone watched in wonder at the creations forming atop my head:) My oldest niece and I traded fashion advice and periodically escaped from the house to relish the silence outside.

We made is safely back home on Sunday and are relishing the quiet and calmness of our life here. Thanks Tamarah and Eric for opening your home to us all, the memories made are priceless!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a full Thanksgiving weekend this year and made wonderful memories as well as filled our bellies.

On Thursday, we drove to my parent's house and joined Josh, Randi, and Gabe in the morning. My dad has just purchased a go-cart for the kids (that's what he says anyway) and we had to try that out of course. While I was inside making dinner, Gav got to drive the go-cart by himself! He jumped the pile of manure and ran into a tree, but had a blast! I'm glad that I didn't know it was happening at the time:)

We had a grand time with all of our family and friends over for a huge "healthyish" meal and stayed late into the night to hang out with Josh and Randi.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Back by popular demand

Not so much demand, I guess, as just a couple of people have asked about it:) Here is a bit more about our trip to Seattle!

On Wednesday evening we dressed up (Here you go Domonique)

and hopped on the monorail to be whisked away to our fancy, smancy dining venue, the Space Needle.

After a unforgettable dinner, we walked to the Performance Center for the much awaited Celtic Thunder concert! We were a bit surprised by the "teeny bopper" feel of the audience, but that was entertaining as we waited for the concert to begin:) Three hours of amazing music later, (You can find just a taste of it here) we headed back to the hotel to end our day.

On Thursday we explored the Seattle Art Museum and strolled through Pike Place Market one more time. We hated to leave, but we made the long drive back home to our kiddos and settled back into the routine of life. Oh, the memories we made and the bonds that were strengthened! What a trip!

New Windows!

We finally did it...we shelled out the cash to have new windows installed on the first floor of the house. We had the upstairs done when Kyla was a little thing and have been dreaming of doing the downstairs ever since. If any of you have looked into getting new windows, you know that the cost is amazingly high add the fact that we had 9 large, and funny sized windows to replace, and it's a large and scary bill! We went with West Coast Vinyl, a local company for the Northwest. We started install on Thursday with the plan being that it would take one full work day. Hmmm, things tend to take a bit longer than expected with our house, it's funny like that:) After working late into the evening on Thursday, they were back all day Friday and evening and then spent Tuesday afternoon and evening slaving away.

Here are the old windows. The seals were broken on all of them and they had immense amounts of condensation, staining and bugs inside them, making most of them foggy and hard to look out of.

The living roomThe OfficeThe bathroomThe StudioThe playroom
After they took over 3 hours to install one window, they called in two more guys to come help. So our team of four guys wrestled with the old windows for hours just getting them out! The old windows may have been ugly and inefficient, but they were installed well:)

As they prepared to put in the windows they realized that they new windows were significantly larger than our old ones, their measuring man had measured incorrectly. Whoops! After much head scratching, mumbling and grumbling, they figured out how to install the windows in our not so square house.

As they went to put up the old sills, they realized that with all the cutting they had to do to get the window to fit, the old sill and trim wouldn't fit anymore. After several hours of conversation between Chad, the installers and the company, we got the okay to have them put in new trim and sills. We ended up having to purchase a bit of the wood ourselves since we didn't want it to look like the old stuff (we'd been dreaming of putting in new trim for years now) and we are so happy with the end look! Now we just need to redo the rest of the trim that didn't need to be expertly replaced for free:)

The Office
The Living RoomThe Playroom
The BathroomThe Studio

We can actually see out our windows ( this is new for us...we really couldn't see out of the old ones) and the house is nice and cozy and warm. I do need to paint the outside trim, funny how I JUST finished doing that...oh well, the price I pay for new windows:) The inside trim needs to painted/stained now as well. I just have to make up my mind as to what I want it to look like. Maybe that will be my Christmas present...anyone want to come and help me paint:)?

With all this going on, we lost Max, our kitty cat. You wonder how we lost such a cute and cuddly kitty, well, her cuddliness is the major factor in her escape. On Thursday, she was getting so much attention by all the guys that she decided to hop in their trailer and fell asleep after it got dark and they were still working. They didn't do a "cat check" before they left (in the dark) and the next morning when he opened up the trailer to add some stuff, she jumped out and dashed away. In Gresham. In the dark of the morning. In a HUGE subdivision. The poor guy put out food and everything but he hasn't seen her since. The kids are taking it well and we know that some other family will fall in love with her and be able to enjoy her sweetness. We got her all healthy and fixed so she's ready for a happy life where ever she ends up. I joked with the installers that we bartered our cat for their services:)

We will miss our little Max but are so pleased with our windows. We'd love to have you over so you can see their loveliness:)

Friday, November 13, 2009

A day of adventure

On Wednesday, we were out of our room early for an owner update (learning more about whats going on with our vacation stuff) and then out the hotel door and onto the monorail. We headed to the Seattle City Center to check out the space needle in the daylight and explore the museums.

Our first stop was the Space Needle...we had reservations there for dinner later that evening.

Second stop was to the Experience Music Project and the Sci-Fi Museum. Can you guess which I found more interesting and which Chad spent more time in:) The music building was this amazing art just in itself.

We headed back down to Pike's Market and met up with Lindsay, one of our throwers back when Chad coached. We had a nice lunch, visiting and catching up and then she headed to work, and Chad and I trudged up the hills back to our hotel to get ready for dinner and our concert.