Thursday, April 22, 2010

He Works Hard For His "Monies"

Well, we had a really long Tuesday this week, really long. Chad's car decided to throw a tantrum on his way home from work and had to be towed home. Thanks AAA:) Because of this, I ended up towing the kiddos with me as I went from one worship practice to another, one in Sheridan and one in Mac. The kids showed how amazing they are by being so very patient and quiet for two hours at a time, they are truly the best kids around:)

The next morning, Chad resolved to work from home and disembowel his car during his breaks. On one such break, Chad offhandedly told Gav that he could go to work for him if he'd like. You could see the excitement in Gavin's eyes as Chad pulled up a map on the computer to show him the way. Gav shot upstairs and was back down proudly wearing his "go to work" clothes which in truth were just random pieces of pajama sets:)

Before we knew it, he was out the door in his cowboy boots and pieced together pajamas and had hopped into Chad's car and was driving to work.

There were tears when the realization hit that he couldn't really go to work for Daddy, what a sweet heart that boy has. We did make a deal that we would take a trip to Daddy's work soon and have lunch with him. Gavin regretfully muttered, "I won't get any monies for doing that though." Cold reality hits again:)

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