Monday, April 19, 2010

Is there such a thing as Half-Success?

If there is, than I have attained it:) My goal for this past weekend was to get my entire Hawaii trip scrapbooked. I made it half way through our two week trip to paradise. I was much more successful at lounging around (in my new, comfy pj pants), taking walks on the beach, eating peanut butter m&m's, and laughing until my belly ached. Seven of my gal friends converged on a friends beach house at Olivia Beach and we successfully relaxed, made some memories, broke an impressive amount of things at Stacee's house, and got a bit of scrapbooking done.

We crammed all of our bodies and paraphernalia into her living room/dining room and stayed up late into the night pretending to stay focused on our craft:) Check out Stacee in her apron (on the left), I forced her to wear it all weekend:)

We took walks on the beach, in both sunny and not so sunny weather. Domonique and Stacy conquered this log and had to have their victory recorded. Yep, we had that much fun:)

There is actual proof that I did do some of my book. And here it is...

Now I'm back home and back to real more peanut butter m&m's, no more staying up until 2 in the morning, and no more crazed minivan mom's backing into my car (you know who you are). Just a half done book and a heap of hilarious memories. Good times my friends, good times!

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