Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Holidays!


It all started back in 2010 with the dream of buying property. A year later, after three offers, many crazy rounds of interaction regarding a short sale, and several disappointments, we are still living in our house in Lafayette. As of now, we believe that it’s God’s plan for us to hang out here for a bit longer. To make our home more comfortable, I’ve been painting floors, walls, ceilings, trim, doors, and anything else that will hold still, even a light fixture. Kids watch out, Mama has the paint outJ When we aren’t working on the house, we’ve been globetrotting. We’ve been to Indiana twice, spent a week in gorgeous Estes Park, Colorado, and Chad and I even took a trip to the beautiful Minnesota in October.  We also have a lovely new addition to our family. It has four wheels, a sunroof and lots of space for us to stretch out inJ We purchased a new-to-us 2006 Subaru Outback XT in July after a long year of saving $$.

Chad finished his time at NWEA early this year and then went on to Nike. His next assignment starts at the beginning of the year for the Bonneville Power Administration. During the summer, Chad found a workshop teaching about First Lego League, a Lego robotics program for 8 – 14 yr. olds. Little did we know that it would change the course of our lifeJ

In September, Chad started a FLL club at Kyla’s grade school and what a whirlwind it has been! We ended up with two teams with a total of 16 kids. (I say we as I was roped in to coaching…too many kids and not enough adult bodies) Chad is an excellent teacher and coach and displayed amazing amounts of patience. The kids learned so much and both of our teams were very successful at our local tournament on December 3 and 4. One team did so well, that they are going on to compete at the state level (it happens to be the team that Kyla is on)! What a feat for a first year team, let alone the youngest team at the competition! We are so proud of all the kids.

Kyla (8) is living life to the fullest with a peace about her that just shines through. She finished up 2nd grade in June and started 3rd grade in September. Her entire class (including her fabulous teacher) moved up together and just jumped into learning. She had her first go-round with an orthodontist this summer with a fancy appliance to correct her very noticeable under bite. Just as she was learning to talk with the thing in her mouth, it was time to take it outJ Her love of horses continues and we fed that with a short horse camp this summer and a long horseback ride while we were in the Rocky Mountains.  Her and I were also gifted a ride in a hot air balloon for her birthday this year. It was spectacular! She is keeping busy with her weekly Lego club meetings, Awana, school, growing taller, and playing with her brother.

Gavin (4) is a singing, coloring, running, climbing, swinging, Awana loving, Lego building boy. He had a month of preschool in May and is now taking part in Little Lambs preschool three mornings a week and enjoying it. He is our assistant coach for the Lego club and can out build most of the studentsJ After 5 days of illness, Gav ended up at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in November for intussusception but was able to leave without having abdominal surgery. We are so thankful for the healing power of the Lord! More info about this adventure is on our blog. He loves clip-on ties, bible songs, drawing, hanging out with his grandparents and talking. That boy can talkJ He’s always ready for an adventure and is showing some great skills in design and math already!

The busy theme continues on with me. I am the chauffer, personal shopper, house keeper, gourmet chef, and the list goes on. Through the spring and into the fall, I’ve planted, tended, harvested and preserved my garden. I have a total of 8 raised beds and love sitting out on my lovely wooden swing surrounded by my beautiful garden. During the school year, I volunteer at Kyla’s school (this year I’ve been able to go in once a week for the day). I volunteer regularly at our church and am part of the worship team. I sew off and on when I have the time and energy and love to take rides on my old fashioned pink cruiser…with a basket and bellJ I just had minor surgery and am slowly recovering.  Our family blog has suffered because of my busyness but I hope to set aside time for keeping everyone updated with the start of the New Year.  

Love to All and Blessings This Holiday Season!