Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our Movie Star

She's famous! Our very own Kyla walked the Red Carpet last week for the premier of the much awaited My Experiences of You on "Red Carpet Day". Kyla's fantastic teacher, Ms. Morton, won a grant to make a teaching video of a classroom technique that she uses successfully in her classroom. They had a cinematographer who came to the classroom for a full day and recorded throughout the day; the kids, Ms. Morton, the principal, and a parent. The kids and Ms. Morton have been waiting to see the finished result and decided to make it a big party. "Red Carpet Day" was born. The kids all wore their finest to school and the press (me with my camera and backdrop and a handy outline of Mr. Oscar) took pictures of them as they walked the red carpet into their private viewing of the 5 minute video. 

The kids were treated to popcorn and other goodies while they watched themselves and their friends.

Red Carpet Day ended with an Autograph party and the press handing out pictures to take home. All in all, a fun time was had for everyone...including the press and the press's helper.

In other news, Kyla has had all her stitches removed! On Wednesday (11 days after her accident) we went to the hospital to get the 10 external stitches removed. The Doc took one look and so no way were they ready to come out. They took out five of them and five remained. On Saturday morning, we tromped back into the hospital with high hopes. Again, they took one look and said the stitches HAD to come out. Her body was treated them as a foreign body and was not happy. They took the rest out and then we were to use steri strips until the last little bit closed. Unfortunately, steri strips don't really stick in that area:) The wound has fully closed as of yesterday and life is back to normal. 

I am a bit more cautious as Kyla and Gavin run around like monkeys

...and it appears that Kyla is as well:)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Promotion Time

Way back in September, Gavin started preschool at Little Lambs in McMinnville. He attended Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a couple of hours a day. He learned his letters, numbers, and calendar facts. He can write (and recognize) his name and is a whiz with his numbers up to 100. He also learned about Jesus and how to treat others kindly and with great respect.  

This past Thursday we were able to celebrate a year well done and watch him graduate to kindergarten. There was a little music, a little picture opp and lemonade cake waiting at home.

We are so thankful for the school and the wonderful ladies that have spent their time with Gavin this year. 

Now we are ready for Kindergarten!

Monday, May 21, 2012


My brother and his son came over this weekend. It turned into WrestleMania 2012! 

Dutchrub action!

That is all:)

Thursday, May 17, 2012


We are on day five of Kyla's recovery and she is doing phenomenal! She doesn't seem to need any pain medication and her round of antibiotics is almost done. She went back to school full time on Tuesday and has made it through every day...some days being a little bit rougher than others. Gavin and I get to have lunch with her everyday as I have to deliver her lunch time round of meds:)

I've made a couple more skirts for her to wear, since most of her warm weather skirts are from last summer and seem to have shrunk:) She is having to learn how to walk without pulling her stitches and is sitting very carefully still. She is healing quickly and is looking forward to getting her stitches out next week.

We set her up on the day bed and Gavin seems to miss sharing a room with her. He is periodically asking her how she is and pats her on the back. He's asked to pray with me several times for her to heal quickly and to not hurt. What  a sweet brother!

Things are moving along nicely here. It's amazing how quickly this "Major Incident" is slowly fading in importance and life is continuing on. On to the next moment:)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Adventures

I was pampered by my kids and husband for Mother's day this past Saturday and Sunday. I had uninterrupted time in my garden, donuts, no cooking duties, gifts and a trip to the ER. Did you catch that? As a special treat right after we finished up having dinner with Kyla's teacher on Sunday, Kyla got her shorts caught on a part of the swing chain and ripped more than her shorts. After we noticed blood, we checked her out on the kitchen floor, bundled her up in some towels and flew to the ER. 

They got us all checked in super hero fast, and had some topical numbing medication on within minutes. Once the pain and bleeding were under control, we got the verdict. She had a 3 to 4 inch laceration on her groin area, missing her lady parts by 1.5 centimeters. It was deep but didn't need surgery as feared. Praise the Lord for his guiding hand! 

After some major washing, numbing shots, and some mythbusters, she was ready to be stitched up. She is the proud owner of two internal and 10 external stitches and a very sore bum. Two hours later, we rolled out of there and headed home.

We are so thankful for God's care, the hospital staff who were quick and gentle while helping preserve her fragile modesty, and for not being pulled over as I climbed from the front to the back seat while passing a police officer:)

So today, we are hanging out at home and sitting on pillows, taking antibiotics, and making sure that she has Advil in her. What a crazy time.

As Kyla was getting ready for bed, she looked at me with a sweet smile and wished me a happy mother's's one for the books alright:)