Monday, April 12, 2010

Enjoying the Sun

We've been having brief little glimpses of sunny weather here and the kids and I have been soaking up the rays as best we can. As a special treat, we stopped and grabbed some fast food (a rare thing nowadays) and had a picnic at the park. We sat on the blanket, slurped our drinks, listened to the birds, and made some nice memories.

The big draw at this park is "the" slide, a ginormous slide made back when play equipment was made out of hot, shiny metal and it was all about imagination and fun:) I'm not ready for Gav to climb this gravity taunting slide just yet, but Kyla is fearless as she monkey's her way up. She screams, joyfully I hope, as she skims down the slide and is jettisoned off the end onto a pile of pea gravel.

There is another slide a few feet away that is Gav's size, and more in tune with his coordination abilities. I often found him glancing at "The" slide with longing though, wait little one, just wait. His turn will be here sooner than I'm ready for, I'm sure of it.

Go enjoy yourself some sunshine, if you can find it, that is:)

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