Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To the Beach...

In the beginning of June, Chad ended his previous job and started his new and much more exciting job. During the 5 day gap in between the two, we took a quick trip to the beach for a night. We went to the Newport Aquarium for the day and then to Gleneden Beach.

Kyla's favorite thing was "Every part!" and Gavin didn't want to leave the fish and shark tunnels.

The rain stopped for a bit at the end of our visit so the kiddos got to play outside for a bit.

The weather was nasty but the pool was warm and we had a fire place in our room:)

To the farm...

We went to my parent's house on Father's Day near Molalla and the kids got to ride on the new riding lawnmower. It was pretty exciting. Kyla enjoys being in control at the wheel and Gavin sure loves the noise. I think this may become a mandatory activity when we visit them:)

A day at the Park

Last weekend we were invited to the park for a BBQ dinner. We met the Lee family there and had a great time. The girls all rode their bikes and Gavin pushed himself backwards on the tricycle. Kyla was gifted with a "new" bike from her cousins and though it was bigger and faster then her old one, she did great! You throw together some great friends, good food, sunshine and lots of laughs, and you've got yourself one great evening!

Kyla's New Bike