Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bloggers Block!

I say that I am the victim of bloggers block, but really it's just a case of high expectations and low blogging self esteem:) This is my three hundredth (300!) post and I'm a bit nervous about celebrating this milepost correctly. What do you do for 300 posts? Do you write something witty or internationally important, something deep or lighthearted, maybe something that holds interest for all? As this is just my way of journaling my daily life, I'm not sure if I'm up to any of these:) My life doesn't appear to fall into these categorizations, and that is what I write about, my life.

My life is good. I have a wonderfully supportive husband who works hard at a job that he loves. I have two beautiful children that bless my daily life in more ways than could ever be recorded on paper or in cyber space. I get to be a stay-at-home momma and pursue the hobbies that I love, sewing, crafting, gardening, creating, and making a comfy home. I'm blessed with the opportunity to raise my children to walk in the ways of the Lord and to help lead others as I help out at our church. I won't say that life isn't busy at times, or overwhelming at other times. But man, my life is good.

Now for the witty and internationally important part:) Okay, I feel your censureship boring into me from my computer monitor...How about important for all of Yamhill County? No, okay, how about it happened here in Lafayette, therefore it is very important to everyone who lives in town? I'm going with that:)

The sheriff stopped by yesterday. Now for any of those people who know us, you know that we seem to be visited frequently by our county officials. Not because we are major law breakers by any means but mostly because we have a high profile house right off of the main highway. It doesn't help any that we live right next to a park that sees some illegal action or that the local police like to hang out next to our driveway to create speed traps for unsuspecting travelers. The recent bouts of graffiti on our house and other local buildings may have something to do with it as well.

Anyway, back on track here, the sheriff stopped by here yesterday. The city of Lafayette is cracking down on it's city ordinances and making sure that all us happy citizens know about the new/recently cracked down upon ordinances.Last month, we received a "Friendly" little reminder that city rules stated that all houses must have their house numbers showing for easy identification. Hmmm, yeah, remember when we did all that painting? We never put the numbers back up. So, with the fear of major fines hanging over our heads, we put them back up.

Another thing that our little city really dislikes are weeds. I believe that they specify the heights of weeds to be no more than 10" high. We, at times, have a little problem keeping down our weeds. We own two city lots that equal about 1/2 an acre and sometimes the sheer number of weeds overwhelm us and they take over. That is until we drag out the trusty riding lawn mower and knock em down.

Did I mention we have some weed issues?

Another thing that we grace our community with is our boat. At times it becomes a public eye sore, with it's flapping tarps, moldy hull and slimy wood work. Oh I'd say this happens about every winter and spring. Then when the sun is out and the rain slows, Chad climbs aboard and gets her ship shape, well, enough that the neighbors don't call the city and complain:)

And the last of our little discretions is our ladies. Nope, not Kyla and her little friends, but our laying hens. We may be pushing it a bit with our ladies. But they are quiet (now that Matt the Rooster is in the freezer) and happy. They even grace us with eggs when the deem it appropriate.

So when the police officers drove around back and got out of the car while Gav and I were in the back yard, my first thought was, well ladies, it was nice having you here. The second thought was, hmmm, I sure hope that we have enough gas to mow all the lawn this weekend. Then, as I watched the two officers walk closer to me my mind jumped to, "Boy, Chad is not going to like having to crawl up on the boat to clean it during this chilly weather." But to my weary surprise, the officers just stopped to chat. They saw that we were out working and enjoying the sunshine and stopped to introduce themselves and give Gav a couple of sheriff stickers. Wow, fines and the fear of punishment diverted all because of a little friendly visit:) Now we know that we have a local friendly officer by the name of Brandon and our weekend looks a little less busy than it did in the one minute it took for the officers to walk to me:)

I do have a bit of lingering guilt over the state of our weeds, I mean yard. Maybe I'll go and fire up the tractor and get right on that. Honestly though, probably not:) Hmm, guess I blew right through that bloggers block:) So I'll gratefully thank you for sticking with me as I daily live my life and write about it. Enjoy!

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