Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh My Darlin'

Oh my Darlin', Oh my Darlin'
Oh my Darlin' Kyla Rayne...

A simple refashion turned into an impromptu photo shoot last week as my sweet 6 yr old stated that she wanted her pictures taken like the ladies in the magazines. So a high fashion shoot it became. Later that evening I began to question where she got the notion of fashion and photography. I can honestly say that I've never done any fashion photography. We don't get fashion magazines, cooking light and Rangefinder are more my speed. We do get an occasional travel magazine and the quarterly local community college brochure, but I think its safe to say that she didn't get the idea from any of those. Where ever the idea came from, it was interesting and entertaining to watch her come up with her own poses and facial expressions. So here's my fashion girl!

During our intense modeling session, Kyla's serious face turned brilliant with laughter as she spied her little brother fresh from his nap partaking in the great outdoors with us. I'm not sure what he has against clothing, but at least he protected his feet from the elements:)

Now for the refashion from which this whole thing stemmed from. We were gifted a fun summer dress that was a bit on the short side for our girl. I chopped off the bodice section, added a waistband, threaded the elastic and finished it up by ironing it. It was a super quick change that will got tons of use this summer!

Life is changing as our two little ones grow and change. What a unremarkable life we would lead without their ideas and laughter to brighten our days!

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