Friday, May 14, 2010

Sometimes I'm not so successful

I love taking pictures, I love taking pictures of my children most of all.

But sometimes, it just doesn't come together.

On an impromptu trip to the park this week, I decided that I needed an updated portrait of the kiddos together. The whole plan was doomed to fail from the start for three major reasons. First, I had my point and shoot camera, not my amazing Nikon DSLR. Second, we had just gotten to the park. The kids could see the play structure, but they hadn't experienced it yet, the anticipation proved to be to great for them to hold still. Thirdly, It may be near impossible to take an amazingly, breathtaking portrait of a girl who's missing most of her front teeth and a boy who loves to make funny faces, Sighhhhhhh.

So here they are, in all their glory including snaggle tooth grins, half closed eyes, random faces, and just plain weirdness:)

Oh, snaggle tooth and sleeping, nice:)
What is this???

Okay, here it is, the best of the lot! Now those are real smiles people! Of course, Gav's eyes are closed and his temporary tattoo if the focal point, but look at those smiles! For today, it's the winner in my book:)

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Jolina said...

WHAT!! did I see a Tattoo!! wow.. Chad must have given in BIG TIME!! Good job Chad!! I am sooo proud of you.