Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting Ready for Summer

We are getting the outside ready for summer here at the Riddle house. We had a large get together for our Financial Peace University small group this afternoon an we've been working hard to get the yard ready for company. We created a "mock deck" a couple of years ago in lieu of a real deck. The cost of a wooden deck was a tad prohibitive as we were striving to become debt free and we didn't know exactly what we wanted deck wise anyway. So we created our mock deck out of lumber we had around, dirt left over from other projects and some cedar chips. Too spruce it up for this summer, we got a fresh load of cedar chips. Quick and easy and done:)

Man, is he cute or what?

I planted some flowers...

I made this amazing flower shelf that I found in a window box book and filled it with beautiful and hardy flowers. By "I" I mean that Chad had to help me a bit but the bulk of the work was done by yours truly:)

I laid some seed in another wood project that I recently competed. Man, I sure do love a nice chop saw:) And I really do mean "I" on this one:) Hopefully we'll have some sunny and bright climbing black eyed susans decorating the back deck.

Chad got my lovely fountain up and running. It's oh so peaceful.

And Ta Da!! A pretty deck area for the summer!

No we are ready to go and enjoy all our hard work, want to come and enjoy it with us?

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Jolina said...

looks great jen!! love the planters