Thursday, May 20, 2010

My list, my long, long list

I have a list of sewing projects that may just rival the world record of longest list ever:) This week, I set up my sewing machine, organized my supplies and started chipping away at things on that mountainous list. If I can just sneak in a couple of minutes here and there during my day, I may just get some work done. First up was refashioning some pajamas for Gav. He's growing like mad and has no summer pj's to speak of. I found some workable pieces of bedtime attire and started working.

Now as I sew, Gav keeps himself busy. Most of the time this works out well and no one and nothing is hurt in the process. Today, he decided to use the scraps to make himself a super boy outfit.

I took a onsie (can't put my potty trained boy in that if I want to stay sane) and quickly turned into a shirt. Some easy cuts at the knees for the too short pants and then quick hems all around, and things were looking good. Just for fun, I added some of the coordinating pant fabric to the shirt and presto...New and cool tiger pjs:)

I think he likes them...What do you think? Sure, they aren't as cool as the outfit that he made himself, but I'll actually let him wear these around the house. I can't honestly say that about his outfit:)

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