Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birthday Shirts

We have some amazing little men in our life that are having birthdays this month and I wanted to make them a little something special for their special day. What is cooler than a shirt that announces their age? Nothing that I can think of, well, perhaps a toy or two:)

I found these t-shirts a while back on a great sale and picked them up for just this purpose, gifts for the special boys in our life. The small details changed a bit as time passed, but the overall project was the same. It turned out to be a pretty simple and quick project; some scrap jersey material, a new font from the all providing internet, and the time it took to run a veggie tales movie. I love how they turned out and I can hardly wait to see our two and three yr old buddies sporty their new threads!

1 comment:

Dominique said...

Truitt is wearing his today! Soooo cute! Perfect fit! Thanks friend!