Friday, May 21, 2010


I'm a regular machine this week! I'm crossing things off my sewing list and miraculously changing my kiddos from naked to clothed:) Ahhhh, the sweet scent of success!

Up on the chopping block was another pair of hand-me-down pj's. Dinosaur pj's to be exact. Now if you are a mother of a boy, you know that all boys seem to go through this faze, where the dinosaur is oh so neat so these pj's were a complete hit even before I tweaked them to fit.

After a bit of time and some scissor and sewing machine work, we have a pair of dinosaur pj's ready for summer. Please take note that after I spent the time, sweated with the effort, and used up the last of my coveted blue thread, my boy decided to add the arms back on. That's right, back on! I'm sure he'll get bored soon with his new look and all will be well:)

I hope...

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