Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2...4...6...8...Who Do We Appreciate ?

Kyla's Teachers!!
That's Who!!

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day and we decided to celebrate with a bang! Kyla has been blessed her last two years of school to have a wonderful teacher, wonderful support staff, and a fabulous principal that keeps her elementary school all running smoothly. I had a couple of little projects in mind to make as gifts to the special people that teach Kyla. Kyla's list of worthy recipients turns out to be a bit longer than mine. Not only did she want to thank her teacher, Mrs. Imholt, but there are seven other super special people that she wants to thank. SEVEN!

As she rattled off her list, which included her PE teacher, music teacher, two other first grade teachers, a couple of classroom assistants and the librarian, I flinched at the added work but knew that if they were special enough for Kyla to remember, they were special enough to take the extra time and effort to honor and thank.

We started off with hand written thank you notes by our little learner.

Then we hit the kitchen and baked over 6 dozen cookies, snickerdoodles and chocolate chip:) Wow, the mess is a bit overwhelming when you have little helpers:) But worth it, I repeated to myself over and over as I scrubbed and washed. Of course we couldn't just give the teachers cookies though, nope, I had to make little bags to put them in. Apple bags to be more precise:)

For Kyla's actual classroom teacher, I made two of the reusable lunch sets similar to what I made for Kyla at the beginning of the year. Mrs. Imholt has hinted several times that she wouldn't mind having a set or two of her very own:) Now she does. One set is from the apple fabric (perfect for teachers!) and the second is horse themed. She is a horse lover, just like Kyla:)

Now my sewing machine needs a bit of a break and I'm going to go and eat one of the cookies that I held back from the giving frenzy. Hmmm, snickerdoodle goodness:) Thank a teacher today!

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