Monday, May 3, 2010

Can we borrow some dentures?

Ready for a scary picture? Well here it is...

Kyla has lost another tooth and things are starting to fall out of her mouth as she eats. Even ice cream. What kind of a life doesn't include ice cream? Oh the difficulties of childhood! Come to think of it, what kind of life makes mothers watch food fall obscenely from their child's mouth? Oh wait, that's just plain old parenthood. Does standard dental insurance cover dentures for toothless girls? Guess I'll be checking that tomorrow:) In the mean time, we are enjoying our toothless wonder and her scary/funny grin.

Whoa! Watch out, she's fierce:)

And Sweet.

And funny looking.

And just plain wonderful!

Not only does she make us laugh with her silly grin, but she cracks her self up trying to drink. Here's just a taste of the joy our toothless little one takes from life. Enjoy:)

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