Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And She's Off

Kyla is off to her first day of 1st grade! She is blessed with an amazing teacher, Mrs. Imholt, whom she had last year as well. Chad drove her to school and helped her find her new classroom. She was ready for a fun day of learning as he left.

She's there for a full days and super excited to be eating lunch there. In an attempt to make lunchtime more fun (and more environmentally friendly) I made three sets of these lunch bags/sandwich wrappers. According to the other websites I've found them on, they should keep the food fresh and they look cute too:)

Gavin and I sit here alone and the house seems empty without her. Isn't it strange how I was so looking forward to getting her back in school and now that she is, I miss her. Well, Gav and I must find something to do today so we both don't get lonely:)

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Madhatter Mom said...

Hey if you ever want to meet for a playdate in the morning with just Gavin and Ainsley let me know! We are always looking for stuff to do on Mon. Weds. and Fridays while Ian is in school til 11am..