Monday, February 1, 2010

Our Little Man is Three!

We are blessed in that we can celebrate Gav's third birthday today. What an amazing three years it has been and what an amazing little man he has become!

He is all boy! He climbs, runs, jumps, eats random gross things, and hollers like a banshee at times. His favorite food is pizza, with tangerines and frozen blueberries as a close second. He'll eat most vegetables if they are raw, but hardly any if they are cooked. He's constantly singing and dancing his way around the house and out in public, much to the world's entertainment. He talks with the vocabulary of a 4 yr old and then likes to pretend he's a dog and doesn't talk for the afternoon, strange I know:) He is an adventurer, an explorer. There is no chair, ladder, tree that he can't and won't climb, much to my frustration:) If you are lucky, he'll cuddle with you and melt your heart with his smile and sweet words. If you are having an unlucky day, you may see some foot stomping and hear some whining. We are constantly working on that:) He loves to dress up, whether it's in a dress and tiara or in his knightly gear. He creates kingdoms in his head and asks us to join him there:) What a boy! I can't imagine life without his smile, his big blue eyes and his wonderful hugs.

Happy Birthday Gavin!!

If you are interested in printing a picture or two from his third birthday shoot, you can do so at You can create a free account and order and pay all right there and get them shipped right to you. It's a little less work for me and you can have all the pics you want:)

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