Saturday, February 20, 2010

To The Beach We Go!

I received an email from my SNL in Seattle saying that they were coming down for a field trip and they were thinking of squishing a trip to the beach in and wondered if we were interested. My first thought was, February at the beach??? The pull of family bonding was stronger than my weather worries so I hesitantly said yes. I'm so glad we did!!

The weather was beautiful, in the 60's with just a bit of wind. All eight cousins ran crazily around, dug to China, dared to immerse their little bodies in the cold Pacific Ocean, and generally had a grand time. We took the Grandmas with us (Chad's mom and his Aunt) making us an overwhelming group of 13:)

This is my snl, Tamarah, with her four children;
Kesia, Caleb, Annika, and Josiah. Oh how I love them all!

After a couple of memorable hours on the beach, we invaded the Lincoln City Mo's and had dinner while we watched the sunset from our cozy, warm seats.

We piled back into the cars/vans and headed east. The grandmas even had all the kiddos in their cars so that us moms could ride together in peace:) Oh what a trip!

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