Saturday, February 13, 2010

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, in a land far, far way there was a fierce and gallant knight named Sir Gavin.

There also lived a beautiful and kind princess by the name of Kyla.

One day, the fair maiden was taken captive by a dangerous and wicked dragon. While being whisked away by said dragon, she called out to the gallant knight, "Save me, Please Save me!" Now Sir Gavin was weary, oh so weary, of slaying dragons for lovely and kind princesses. But being a knight, he had made an oath to protect the fair maidens of his land, so off he went in pursuit of the wicked dragon. He will fight to save the princess, whilst sitting down to be sure,

but fight he will.

Kyla, the fair maiden, was in awe of Sir Gavin's knightly skills. His sword work was divine, his bravery unmatched, and his blue eyes captivating!

The long, bloody battle came to an end with Sir Gavin sitting triumphantly beside the slain dragon.

In her excitement, the fair maiden bestowed a kiss on the weary knight as a token of her appreciation.

After a brief and much needed resting period, the gallant Sir Gavin gave his heart to Princess Kyla.

And they lived happily ever after!

The End

Happy Valentine's Day from the
Royal Riddle Family!


grahamsa said...

I couldn't WAIT to see how it ended! Lovely story -- you KNOW how I love those historical romances.... Loved the illustrations! Happy Valentines day to the hero and the damsel!

Jolina said...

very cute.. love the red backdrop!

Minivan Mom said...

Jenny and Chad, your children are just too precious for words! Fantastic story - it held me captivated (and made me giggle too)!

Love you alL!

Dominique said...

So cute and creative! Thanks for sending it our way!