Thursday, February 11, 2010

One purse for Teacher, One purse for me!

Last week I was browsing sewing blogs and found this great tutorial at Ayumills for a lovely little purse. I thought back to the wristlets I had made and decided that I would love to have one for our trip to Hawaii. I ended up making the purse a bit bigger than the tute calls for and I added a handle, turning it from a puffy pouch to a puffy wristlet. Kyla saw a picture of what I was working on and she immediately stated that her teacher would LOVE one as a valentines gift:) Well, since she'd love it, I made one for her as well:) (Rae-if you are reading this, please be surprised tomorrow) These were great scrap buster projects. They did take a bit longer than I was expecting, but then the woman who made the tute did not add in several timely breaks for child rearing:) The "valentines" purse is for Mrs. Imholt, we filled it with pink cookies to round off her gift. Mine is the black and red...the perfect size for a cell phone, camera, and some cash.

The look is similar to some purses that I made as Christmas gifts back in December. I followed this great tutorial found here at made by rae, another blog that I love to follow! They turned out splendidly, much better than I imagined they would:)

There are so many great tutorials online, I would love to try them all! Unfortunately, I can't devote all of my time to sewing, those pesky responsibilities (child rearing, house keeping, feeding my family...) I have cause constant interference:)

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