Monday, February 22, 2010

Bumpers, buzzers, and bowling

Last week, while Kyla had the day off of school, My mom drove over and took us bowling. This was a first for the kiddos and a first for me since before Gavin was born. Wow, things sure have changed in the bowling world! We got our smelly shoes on, found the lightest balls possible and tromped on down to our lane.

The kids did great! Gavin's average roll was a smoking 3 miles/hour (I have proof) while Kyla's was about 8 miles/hour. When Gav rolled, he walked back to us, ate a french fry, fiddled with his shoes and then his ball finally hit the pins:) I had the fastest throw, at 19 miles/hour, too bad I wasn't on the mark in the aim department:) Kyla won the award for "Highest Jumping While Bowling" when her foul buzzer went off, quite entertaining for the rest of us:)

I will admit that my mom won the game with a whopping 122. It turns out that I'm a much better wii bowler than a real life bowler, (even with the bumpers) who would have guessed it?

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