Monday, February 8, 2010

Dusting Off the Machine of Life

We had to dig out the nebulizer this morning and all the paraphernalia that goes with it. Gavin has a pretty bad cold all of a sudden and woke up wheezing, bad enough that the skin was pulling in between his ribs as he breathed. Poor kiddo! Here is our morning round of the "good morning to you" song, sickie style:)

"Good morning to you
Now sit here and don't move
Now put this plastic thingy over your mouth
so that you can breath"

This is the first time we've used the machine since June and what a difference 8 months makes! When we first started using the nebulizer to treat his cold induced asthma as a newborn, we had to hold the mask or tubing up to his face and hold him tight, while he would scream and try to wiggle away with all his might. You can imagine how difficult this got as he got older and bigger and stronger! This time around though, he was cool and collected as we put on the mask and let him lounge around in a comfy chair as he was "in charge" of his treatment.

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