Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tears of Happiness and Sadness

This past week, we said goodbye to a family friend who died an early and seemingly unnecessary death. I've known him since we were all kids and have had a superficial relationship for many years after we reached adulthood. Back in 2007, I did his engagement portraits followed by his wedding portraits with his wonderful bride who has since become a dear friend. There were tears of sorrow as we mourned his passing and as we hurt for his widow.

There were also tears of happiness in the midst of the mourning. Josh, Randi, and Gabe made the drive down for the funeral and Donny and his fiance flew here to be a part of it all. After the funeral we were all able to sit back, reminisce about our friend, and make new memories.

For those of you who are concerned, Randi did not get injured while taking this photo. It only looks like Donny is going to punch her in the head...not sure what that was about:)

Josh and his family headed back up to Washington and Gav and I had dinner over at my parents with Donny on Thursday. It was another great opportunity to get to know the man he has become since joining the military and meeting his wonderful fiance. Gav and Don seemed to really click, it may have been from Gavin's incessant chanting of "Mr. Don, Mr. Don." You just never know:)

Life continues on even through the sadness. Make grand memories!

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