Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Outfits

With Valentine's day coming up, I wanted to do something a bit special for the kids. Why not make them outfits??! I had some fabric in my stash that would work for a tiered skirt for Kyla with the addition of some purchased valentine's fabric. Then off Gav and I went to goodwill to see if we could find anything that would work for shirts.

I found this boys shirt, size 6, that matched the colors in Kyla's skirt. It was way to big but I threw it in the cart anyway with the idea of cutting it down to fit Gav.

Then I found this top for Kyla. A little too fancy/fluffy for what I wanted but a good start.

I ripped off the collar of Gav's shirt and placed a fitting button down shirt on top of the larger shirt as a pattern. A few snips with my scissors and I was committed:) I sewed up the side and shortened arm seams and then finished up the bottom hem. It actually worked!

I cut Kyla's top in half and took off about 6 inches of width from the bottom panel. I made a small decorative piece for the bodice top and then resewed the bottom portion with a slight gather at the center. She loves it!

Now to eat some of that valentine's candy that came home with Kyla today:)

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