Friday, February 5, 2010

My First Paying Gig

For sewing that is:) My friend asked me to make her two wristlets for her and a friend to wear while out dancing and I said sure. Then she offered to pay me. After the shock wore off I mumbled something like, "uhhh, wellllll, okay." She even gave me fabric to use, I just had to provide the notions, sewing skills, and pattern drafting ability. So two out of three aren't bad:) If I did wristlets again, I would surely find a helpful tutorial to walk me through the process for the lining. A learning experience!

Check out my lovely arm model. She's so graceful and feminine:) (Thanks Domonique)

On to my next project...getting a bunch of things finished up for our trip to Hawaii at the end of the month. Three shirt projects down and one more to go.

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