Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mr. Hives Here To Visit

AGAIN! This time Kyla is the lucky winner of the "most miserable feeling" award. Earlier today she complained of her stomach itching. She has very dry skin that often causes her to be itchy so I assumed that's what she was dealing with. As I put on her super duty lotion, I noticed she had some small welts but I figured that was from scratching so much.

Come to find out, I was wrong. Again.

Just after dinner she came out of the play room complaining that she was REALLY itchy. I took a look and, WOW, her entire torso was covered in hives! Yikes! As we watched, they slowly crept down her body and all the way to her poor hands. We got her in an oatmeal bath and filled her full of benadryl. An hour after the medication, she is still horribly uncomfortable and bright red. I slathered some anti-itch cream on her and am hoping for the best.

mmmmm....Oatmeal bath:)

We are debating whether to run into the ER just to be on the safe side or just let it run it's course. We aren't sure what set it off, nothing out of the ordinary in her life today that we can think of. Her breathing is fine so I think that she isn't in any danger, just a bit cranky:) Please pray for healing of her little body and for wise decisions on the part of Chad and I.


Nay said...

Poor girl! Trouble, our oldest, is allergic to hay. The crops in Minot rotate. So, I believe, every two years hay was planted. Thoes where the worst summers for him. We couldn't be outside without him coming in itchy...eyes and skin. We now use local honey. I put it in homemade bread and oatmeal and have it at meals with bread and butter. It has really helped. I hope she gets better soon! Our prayers are with her.

Lynn said...

Oh, the poor girl....there must me something in the air this year...we have had hives at our house several times this spring as have several of our friends....I hope you all are all better soon!