Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beach Bunnies

Saturday morning we made plans with the Riddle clan to head to the OR coast to bask in the projected Summer-like weather. We ended up with 5 adults (two of them being grandmas) and 7 kids. Yep, I did type that correctly:) We had two nephews and one niece down from WA, Hannah and Meira (cousins who live in town near us) and our kiddos. After a slightly crazy lunch at Mo's, we headed to the beach carrying and dragging all the paraphernalia that 13 people may need while on the OR coast. The weather was superb with sunshine and perfect kite wind. The kids even played in the water, I put my toes in but there was no way that more of me was getting in that arctic water:)

Uncle Bryan teaching Gavin how to fly a kite...Right before Gavin let go and Bryan had to chase it down the beach. I sure enjoyed it:)

Chad being the "Fun" Uncle with our niece Annika, right before he gave his very fancy cell phone a salt water bath. Wouldn't you know, that thing won't turn on for nothing now:)

Gavin playing in the sand with Grandma "Ting-a-ling"

Gavin wouldn't take off his boots, Uncle Bryan showed him the water anyway.

We flew kites and chased them when the necessity arose, collected shells, buried cousins, hung from trees (there's a story behind that:) ) and ran from the waves. Hwy 18 was closed due to an accident on our way back home so we ended up having to take the long way home. All five adults and seven kids made it home safely with a bit of windburn, sand between the toes and great memories of a fun time with our family.

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Jolina said...

looks like you all had a ton of fun!!