Saturday, April 11, 2009

A hunting we will go...

Each year, the Lafayette Community Church hosts an egg hunt at the park next to our house. We've joined in the fun the last couple of years, rain or shine. This morning the kids watched them get the park all set up and were near giddy with excitement:) Gavin was in the 1 - 4 age group that went first. He was much more interested in watching all the other kids than actually picking up any eggs. He got a bucket full and was very happy with it all.

Kyla was with the 5 - 8 yr olds. How in the world did my baby girl get to the big kid age bracket so fast? Kyla filled up her bucket several times, stopping periodically to dump her treasures with us before venturing out to find more. She was much more intense in her searching than her little brother was.

The local fire department was there with a truck as well. After the hunt, they opened the truck up for everyone to explore. Gavin hopped right up and in while Kyla and I checked out the rest of the truck and it's equipment.

What a great way to start our Saturday! The kids are having egg hunts in the living room as I type and I have covertly stashed away most of the candy. Who in their right parenting minds would let there kid eat that much sugar!?! Chad and I will just have to eat some of it, being good parents and all:)

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