Monday, April 20, 2009

Off to the Dr's we go

Gavin woke up saying his ear hurt again. We won the Dr lottery and were able to be seen this morning just 30 minutes after I called:) Now he's on some pumped up antibiotics since he didn't respond well to the last round. Wouldn't you know that this stuff isn't flavored. Try giving a two year old medicine that tastes like medicine!

Scene two:Just minutes after we got home from the Dr's and the pharmacy, he just had to climb up on sister's bike while I wasn't close enough to prevent gravity from rearing it's ugly head. Now, his ear is hurting and I bet that huge egg on his forehead hurts too:) I think that we'll being keeping a steady stream of Tylenol in the poor boy today just to cover all the bases:)

Now for Chad: He is on his way to his Dr after work today to get his tetanus vaccination refreshed. Think rusty pitchfork and unprotected feet. Bad combo come to find out...he stabbed his own foot while working on the burn pile. It could have been worse, he could have poked me:)

Kyla and I seem to be fit and healthy, please pray that we continue too be so that we can take care of our boys.

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Nay said...

We, so far, average a trip to the ER once a year while living in ND. Three times for Trouble, once for Dynomite and once for Travis. We are hoping the trend doesn't continue :-) Stay Healthy!!