Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reality Comes For A Visit

We had a big does of reality this weekend as chad printed out the results from his latest blood panel. My heart paused just a bit when I saw the warning flags and red numbers. He has high cholesterol. Seriously high cholesterol. Sheesh, He's only 32! That's one of those things I thought that we'd maybe have to deal with sometime in our future, way into the future. Not this week...

I let the info rattle around in my head a bit on Sunday afternoon and then talked with my SNL on Monday, brainstorming up some ideas to change little things but get big results. Chad says a resounding "NO" to the Quaker oatmeal healthy heart challenge, no plain oatmeal for that man. And most veggies are in the "no way" column on his list of foods. I detest fish, even the smell of fish, so that adds another tough roadblock to get around and with my family history, I 'm very uncomfortable with wine sitting around the house, no matter how good it is for your heart. We have ourselves a challenge:) Chad and I are intelligent adults, we can figure out a way for us to live healthier lives in order to have happier, longer ones.

I took the first step last night, just a little one mind you. We had brown rice instead of white, with chicken, bean sprouts and a yummy peanut sauce I whipped up. Kyla loved the rice (she eats any kind of carb) and Gavin thoroughly enjoyed the chicken. The bean sprouts were a tad bit limp and unappetizing so I graciously understood when the kiddos left them uneaten on their plates:)

I sent Chad off to work with his normal breakfast of bagels and cream cheese (I have to go and buy some supplies for our new phase of eating life) but added a bag of sliced apples to it as well. Hows that for fiber?:) This will probably be a slow and steady change for us carb loving eaters. Wish us luck as we venture into this strange world of fish, fiber, and veggies (fruits would have sounded so much better :) but I know that we need to up our veggie intake more than our fruit).

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