Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just That Kind of Day

As I was cleaning poop off of our legos this morning, I realized that it was going to be just that kind of day. You know what I'm talking about. A day where nothing goes all that right and it's just one thing after another:)

Gavin's taking antibiotics for his ear infection and it messes with his digestive tract. To put it PC, he's been having digestive issues. This led to me cleaning said digestive issues off of the legos this morning. At least he came and told me that the legos were "dirty":)

In the process of washing the clothes he was wearing during the lego incident, I realized that I had inadvertently died a full load of the kids clothes yellow. Remember that great dye job Kyla and I did on her dress a while back. Yeah, cool huh:)!? Who knew that a dress can share it's dye after a couple of washes. After a frantic call to my sister-n-law for an emergency bleach delivery, I attacked those yellow socks, shirts and panties with Clorox. Come to find out, a front load washer just doesn't give your clothes the opportunity to soak. Hmmm, attempt @ de-yellowing take two. I filled up the sink in the kitchen with hot water and bleach and we had success.

As I sit here and type, I take in the complex scent combination of bleach and poop, and I say to tomorrow, BRING IT ON!


Lynn said...

Oh, now that is a bad day.....I have been known to throw away poop covered things, I just do not have the patiences sometimes!

Joce said...

Oh my!! Yuck. . . I have to admit that I was laughing when I read it. . I hope you can look back and do the same.

And thanks for the tip with the dye, who woulda thought!!!