Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Newest projects

I've been doing more sewing and have started wishing for a new machine and maybe a serger. I've been playing with my mom's new one (a Brothers) and can just image all the amazing stuff I could do with it:) Here are a couple of my newest projects.

I made this shrug for Kyla's Easter outfit out of a long sleeve T-shirt that I found at goodwill. Added some retro buttons that I just happen to have in my button stash and Ta Da!

I was ready to get rid of our baby doll stroller because of the material ripping and it literally falling off the frame. I was digging around in my fabric and found this bright watermelon print (I have no clue what crazy idea I bought it for) and whipped it together with some matching bias tape that I just happen to have. While at goodwill hunting for deals, I found this beautiful skirt for me. I loved the colors and the overall shape, it was just way to big. I put in a huge pleat, added some cool buttons and was very pleased with the results:)

I had some watermelon fabric left over, just enough to make Kyla a pair of shorts and a headband. I also refashioned a dress into a summer skirt for Kyla. It ended up being a little on the short side so I whipped up a pair of bloomer type shorts and attached them (by whipping, I mean sewing the crotch shut twice and having to rip it out and sewing one of the legs closed after that:) ). Poor Gavin hadn't had anything made for him so I found some pants that were too short on him and whacked them off at the knees and made shorts. Oh how I love all this refashioning!


Nay said...

Holy Cow! Thats great! I wouldn't even know how to use a surger machine thingy or be able to do anything without a pattern. I can barely sew a straight line. Everything looks fab!

Lynn said...

Jenny...your getting so crafty! :) Great projects!