Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Are you smarter than a kindergartner?

While we were at my dad's shop today, Kyla told me out of the blue that she and her brother were viviparous animals. My brain froze for just a second as I quickly flipped through my mental dictionary. No luck, what in the world did that mean?? I did a quick search online and found this...

Viviparous: A viviparous animal is an animal employing vivipary: the embryo develops inside the body of the mother, as opposed to outside in an egg (ovipary). The mother then gives live birth.

Ah Ha! That makes sense! I nonchalantly replied to Kyla that yes, she and Gavin were indeed viviparous. Of course there was a couple minutes of time lag between her statement and mine which gave her ample opportunity to mentally wander onto a totally new topic.

Man, what are they teaching in public schools these days:) Does my kindergartner already have a better vocabulary than me? Oh, that is so scary to contemplate! What will the next couple of years bring?? We shall see:)

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Nay said...

I wonder that myself. How do they know these things? My 4 year old corrects me on the names of dinosaurs. And I'm the one that can read!!