Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mr Grumpy comes to visit

Gavin is grumpy, really grumpy. He wasn't able to sleep on Tuesday night, he couldn't get comfortable and kept saying his ear hurt. After some tylenol and lots of prayer we were able to get a couple hours of sleep. First thing wednesday morning we headed to the dr. Low and behold he has an ear infection. Strange...he had no cold symptoms and Kyla had an ear infection just last week WITH all the cold symptoms. Maybe they are contagious:) After medication plus Tylenol and a little extra patience and cuddles, Gavin slept last night giving the rest of us a chance to as well. My mom came over in the afternoon to watch the kids while I went to the shop to work. They did crafts, cooked yummy treats, and generally had a good time. Thanks mom!

It seems that we are back on the road to recovery, Hip, Hip, Horray! Special thanks to Beth for helping out as I did the Dr dash:)

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