Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music

Well, at least Newberg Friends Church and Friendsview Manor was:) Kyla had three performances with her singing group, the Young Friends Singers. Her Aunt Beth is one of the leaders and Kyla has watched her cousins participate for the last couple of years and has begged to be a part of it with them. This year she got her wish.

They meet once a week on Monday afternoons and learned a good number of songs. They performed at both services today at the Lee's church. It was a big improvement over last years performance with her preschool, she actually sang and did the hand motions rather than standing frozen with a look of stark terror on her face.

Later in the afternoon, they did their entire repertoire the a local retirement community. The residents loved the kids excitement and the kids soaked up all the adoration:)

Gavin was kept busy playing with Aunt Michele and her amazing cell phone:)

She has one more performance this coming Friday at a local coffee shop. I'll be videotaping that one so be expecting that some time next week:)

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