Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our favorite Canadians:)

Kristel and Jackson are down from Alberta and made time to come and hang out with us for the day. It's always great to spend time with my friend, but it was super fun to be with Jackson and see him interact with my kiddos. Jackson and Gavin played really well together and we predict that they will be best friends:) Gavin kept "taking" pictures of Jackson on an old play camera that we have. He'd say "Cheese Jacks" and follow that with a comment on how good the picture was:) Wonder where he got that.

We played outside and then drove to Newberg and let the kids play at McDonalds. While Kyla and I were out of the play area, Gavin ran nose first into a table and got a bloody nose (At least that's what Kirstel says happened:) ) What an exciting trip to town:) Kirstel and Jackson are on their way home, Gavin is sleeping and Kyla is quietly coloring on her own, now I'm ready for some quiet time.

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