Saturday, September 4, 2010

Getting There

Well, it took us a while to get to our,, cold and overcast destination:)

It all started with a long car ride up to the Seattle area. We hitched a ride with Aunt Michele and cousin Josiah and stayed the night in Redmond.

We were up early and off to the bus depot with Michele as our experienced guide. After a long bus ride on the "bendy bus" we made it to downtown Seattle and made our way to the Amtrak station.

At the Amtrak station we got a bit of a scare...they almost wouldn't let us on the train for lack of written permission from Chad in regards to letting Kyla over the US border! Thankfully, they let us fax a copy that Chad whipped up at work.

The train arrived in Vancouver, BC on time and in the rain! Yeah, I wasn't really prepared for rain:) We hauled our luggage to the the sky train depot and figured out our way to the airport. First the sky train...

Than the subway! Now if you know me well at all, you'll understand that this was a big step for me. First off, I'm not a huge fan of large crowds or small places with people squished in. Second off, my sense of direction and adventure seems to be dormant at this stage of my life:)

Never the less, we made it to the Vancouver International Airport with plenty of time to spare and tired feet. We boarded our first plane of the day, landed in Edmenton, Alberta and then got on our second flight for a quick 45 minute hop to Grande Prairie.

We were picked up by Aunt Kristel, loaded her car and drove the 10 minutes to her house. What a long two days of travel! But oh so worth it!

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