Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Off to a Foreign Land We Go

Kyla and I are heading out tomorrow morning on her long awaited birthday trip to visit her beloved Aunt Kristel. Who lives in Canada. Way, way up in Canada. In order to make this trip doable money wise, we are going on the cheap. We are taking planes, trains, and automobiles to get to Grande Prairie, Alberta and we are up for the adventure.

Our voyage starts with a car ride to the Seattle area. We'll enjoy an over night stay at the Lee Hostel/hotel/family crashing place and then take a commuter bus to the train station the next morning. The train will take us to Vancouver, B.C. where we will catch two flights taking us north east.

Once we get there we will have a week of fun spending time with Kristel, her two adorable kiddos, and her entertaining hubby. We'll then take two flights to Vancouver, hop an Amtrak bus (weird, I know), catch a ride with someone that I'm related to from Seattle back to our hotel/hostel/family crashing place. We'll drive south to Oregon the next morning with my snl and her gals. Wow, that made me tired just typing it:)

Here are a couple of pics to hold you over until we get back. Enjoy my two precious (weird) kiddos.

See ya!

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