Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mutton Bustin'!

Now if Kyla was asked about the most memorable moment on our trip, I believe that she would answer with this, " Riding the sheep!" She did indeed ride a sheep at a family friend's rodeo while we were up in Canada. I was surprised at her desire to do so as the option was given to her a couple of days before the rodeo. I was not surprised that as she watched the sheep being led to the chute, that she changed her mind about riding them:) Uncle Brent quietly told her that if she rode that sheep she would get her own trophy and that was all it took. She was up for the challenge:)

Each kiddo that rode had an adult right there with them to pull them off before they actually fell off. Some of the older kids choose not to be picked off before they got bucked off, Kyla was not one of those:)

With trusty Uncle Brent by her side, she bravely put on the hockey helmet (yep, we were in Canada) and let herself be thrown on that stinky, wet sheep.

She held on tight...

And she was off!

Uncle Brent grabbed her, the sheep kept on running, and Kyla landed on her own two feet with a smile as wide as the barn.

All the kiddos that sat on the sheep and made it out of the chute got their very own trophy. Thanks Warren and Marcia for letting us be a part of this fun community tradition.

It will long be a memory that we treasure and tell.

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