Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The First Day of School

It is official, the Riddle family is going to school! Kyla started 2nd grade at Wascher Elementary and Gavin started 3 yr preschool at Curious Caterpillar Preschool. Gav will be attending twice a week while Kyla is full time. What a change for all of us!

Kyla is in Mrs. Morton's class along with a couple of kiddos from her class last year. She was a bit nervous for her first day, but quickly found her desk and started unloading her school supplies.

Gavin's preschool is a small home based christian school here in Lafayette. The family that runs it goes to our church and Gav knows a couple of the kids already. It looks to be a good fit for him this year.

We have high hopes and dreams for this school year; new friends, new knowledge, growing interests, and grand adventures!

Wish us luck!

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